The Need for Seed

Starting a blog. This is probably one of the most difficult things in the world, right up there with telling a boy you like them in middle school and making those no-bake cookies taste right.

Whilst reading “101+ Killer Blog Posts” I came upon the word “niche” over 30 times. Okay, what I need was a niche, a topic, a purpose, just one good starting idea. I need a seed. Time will tell if what I write is “Just Another Site”, or something worth reading and sharing.

The name of my blog, “The Title Borrower”, means just that. This is my seed: to go to a blog, (one I have subscribed to, something freshly pressed, or a commenter’s blog from one of the aforementioned), and pick a post. I will steal borrow their title and write on it. We’ll see how it goes. I might write a quick story or part of one, a poem, a real life occurrence, but connect it to the title. That way I’m not just floating in the giant bay of ideas that swim out there.

I hope now that you are at least intrigued and might consider revisiting this blog at a later date, to give a new blogger an audience to try her hand at writing. Here it goes…

Title Borrowed From: The Doodle House


One response

  1. This looks like it could turn into something interesting… I’ll certainly have to check in on this periodically. Also: rule 30 has just been shattered… O_o

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