What I Learned This Week…

I’ll be the first to say that I haven’t had heaps of life experience. There are many bloggers that are middle aged plus, sharing their life experiences with the world. Giving their opinions and hoping to help others live their lives better, with humor, advice, and knowledge.  At 16 years of age, I can’t lend my experienced and wisdom to the the younger generation, because I am the younger generation.

But – I do have my own type of wisdom, sort of a beginners luck type of thing. Life – whatever it may bring, is happening to me now. Everything I think about is current, I am at the beginning of everything, and am just barely starting to figure things out.

That is why this title is especially applicable. I could talk about basically anything and everything with “What I Learned This Week.” I could, but I want to talk about people.

Optimist, pessimist, realist. You can’t really generalize the human population besides calling us “the human population”, but I think that everyone fits somewhere on this scale. There are obvious problems with all three of these extremes. Too optimistic and you aren’t realistic enough to succeed. Too pessimistic and you are too negative to enjoy life. Too realistic and you won’t be able to hope and dream.

To me it seems that where you are on this ↓ venn diagram influences what happens to you. That whole golden rule; treat others how you wish to be treated. Likewise, your attitude on life determines what happens to you.

Today in orchestra our conductor kept telling us to visualize the note before we played it. He talked about how he always saw a high G as a diamond, and our section leader said she saw it as a shining green bubble. But for me, I just visualized myself playing perfectly and then I did.

I think I am mostly an optimist, and I know I can be very unrealistic at times, and there are definitely times where I feel like nothing will ever be okay. But I do have hopes and dreams, many. And I think about them every day, almost willing them into existence. That’s how I know they are going to happen, because I believe they will, and am willing to make them happen.

My goals are realistic of course, if not a bit ordinary. A home, a quiet secure life, and a family. I don’t need to be extraordinary, though sometimes it scares me that I might not make a difference.. I think that scares us all.

There is also another philosophy of sorts, borrowed from someone very important to me, that makes sense. If you expect the worst, then anything that happens will just be better. In his own words, “If you expect the worst and it can only get better, so in the meantime take it all in knowing that it’s all downhill regardless of where you are or where you started.” Which does make sense, but I can’t help but get my hopes up for everything and get ridiculously excited for things, and then end up getting crushed sometimes.. But I would rather be ridiculous than cautious anyways.

I know there are people that feel like the world is out to get them and that they got dealt the worst hand possible and they will never be able to make something of themselves. I never want to tell anyone how to live their lives, and I know not many will actually read this, but what happens to you, depends on your attitude. It really is that simple. Opportunity helps definitely, but you can always make things better – and worse.

I didn’t really come into this post with a major point to make, just an idea of optimism, pessimism, and a desire to use a venn diagram. I have a lot of things to say, and no particular order in which to say them. I don’t believe in rough drafts, and I write stream of conscious, but that is better for these sorts of posts any who. My brain is so full of ideas and things to share and try to explain, because as I explain things I am filled with a feeling of assurance, like maybe I do have opinions and what I have to say might be worth something. Following that I leave you with a Chinese proverb:

You really do learn something best when you teach it to someone else.

Title Borrowed From: The Life of Jamie


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