Ode to Retrospect

You can’t force poetry. It doesn’t fall from the sky. An it definitely can’t be written in class when everyone is shouting about sports and smoothies.

I hate this exercise. The teacher (sub in this case) tells everyone to write a poem, and everyone punches out 8 or 10 lines about Starbucks. Or shoes. Or butterflies.

Poetry is either ridiculous or a direct window to your soul. No, I would not like to share that with the class.

These are the titles that I am hearing in class – “Ode to Gatorade”. “Ode to Jamba Juice”. “Ode to Retrospect”. Well, that last one could be good, depending on what’s written. And from what the boy shared with me – it wasn’t.

And also, why odes??? Such a lame idea.. Something important to you. I don’t want to share with the class what is most important to me.

What do we learn from writing odes? It’s just a chance for the jock to write something “hilarious” and think they are cool, and for the rest of us to humiliate ourselves.

And I hate rhyming.


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