Cheating Or Mastering?

Installment four 🙂 my page is here: Panemaniacs

I sit on the floor in my basement hiding from my brothers. It is the night before the reaping and I am starting to fall asleep, I don’t want to go upstairs and endure the emotional torture of being in that broken house.

I curl up on my side and am in the lovely dreamless moments before sleep when the window across the room slides open and a face appears there.

“Hello lovely.” His voice is oily and his face is dark. Its Dilan. The peacekeeper that is the reason my parents are both avoxes in the capitol. He is cruel.

“Persai…” He strokes my face and I jump back.

“What do you want?” I hiss. “I have nothing left. You took my parents. There is no one else I love. Nothing else to take away from me.”

“Except your life.” Dilan says, with a raised eyebrow.

I shrug. His threats against my life mean little.

“I’ll make you a deal Miss Spectral.” I don’t react and he continues. “Volunteer in the reaping tomorrow, and you have a chance for fame and riches, you know this. But if you volunteer at the reaping and win the games, I will get you your parents back. They will be allowed to return to district two and will be allowed to live as regular citizens. Don’t volunteer and your fate will be the same as theirs. It is your choice.” And Dilan is gone.

My breath is coming faster and my heart is racing. Is he telling the truth? What are his motives? Why, why, why?

If I volunteer I have a one in twelve chance to win, the odds aren’t in my favor. But I am strong, I have trained my whole life, not with the intention of volunteering but to be ready in case I am reaped.

If I volunteer I will save someone. I will also have a chance at rescuing my parents.

I will volunteer. Tomorrow I am going to the games.

Title Borrowed From: Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP


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