Stress Less, Write More

In the next chapter of my story.. I wrote a poem. Well in the story it is a song, it needs a bit of work still, but I remember writing it, it always felt very strange. I almost had a tune in my head, but if I ever tried to sing it it sounded silly. Its still a little idle wish to be able to sing this… But the problem is to find something that sounds like a nursury rhyme but is still slightly sinister. For my one loyal follower, I shall post the story part when I get home, but here is a small teaser in the form of my explination/disclaimer.

Actually, I think I am skipping over a chapter while I think about this.. But the first chapter – it opens with the Lady in Waiting Delaney rambling in a tired sort of daze. And I dont really like how she says what she says, its too contrived. So I might just leave that part out and put those details that she shares in later, in a more natural way.

If you have never written a novel, (or attempted to write, you are really never finished with a novel, no matter what you think, you can always improve it), you should try. It is a very sort of freeing experience. Well it is for those of us born with so many stories in our heads that they spill out in our dreams, so we dream things like carnivals, and this very strange machine.. that my sister was shot through – like some clear tube? And then she was performing in this glass box with other clowns and she was dressed like a clown. If you have never had any dreams like that, you are lucky but I also feel sort of bad for you. They are very strange and confusing, but so vivid and real that you think that you are in reality until you wake up and look back. They also make me question on a daily basis if everything I know is a dream and I am going to wake up as a 6-year-old, anticipating the life I might live ten years in the future.

So the point (hahaha) of this ramble, is to explain to you some of the things writing a novel, really writing one, with organized thought before hand, can do for you. When you write a novel, you have to build up to something and add in tantalizing facts throuout the story, so the readers learn about what is happening in a natural way. You cant just ramble along until you figure out where you are going, the readers will get bored.

The problem however – is that everything has been done. To write a novel you need one singular lightbulb sort of idea that sparks a story, and you write because you have to get it out or you will explode. That is why I write. It has only happened to me twice, ergo two, partially finished novels. So if that ever happens to you, get it out before you foreget where you are going. And if you have an end but not a beginning, write it down! Never say – oh I’ll write it later when I have time. I hate when I do that but then later I forget why I had that spark of insight into my own imagination.

So this was supposed to lead into chapter two of Lights (the name-in-consideration for my second novel), but I think I shall leave it as a stream of conscious little rant about writing your ideas down and having the guts to try and write a novel and see where it leads. You might find yourself famous like the goddess that is J.K. Rowling 😉

People are a lot more creative then we give them credit for, even if there really are only seven original stories, the variations are fantastic.

Title Borrowed From: Kristen Lamb’s Blog